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Brand Name: KEELAT

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Product Description

Pay Attention :

When you finish using the heat gun and notice smoke coming out, this is normal. Does not affect normal use.

Reasons for smoking: When the hot air gun is stopped, the hot and cold air inside the hot air gun alternately produces white smoke



️ Specifications:

Name: Cordless Hot Air Blower

Material: Plastics+Alloy

Temperature : 550℃

Air Volume : 200L/min

Application: Dayi Battery

Battery capacity:20V / 3.0Ah

Charging Input voltage: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz



️ Product features:

1. Cordless design, easy to carry.

2. Powerful and quick to heat up.

3. 550° temperature control, which is safe and reliable.

4. Applicable scenarios: car film, softening wires, shrinking plastic film, installing electronic components, dissolving pipes, removing old paint, defrosting function

5. High power, dual heating coils design, quick and stable heating up.

6. Stainless steel tuyere with high temperature resistance protective casing for safety use.

7. Ergonomic soft rubberized anti-slip handle design, easy to grip and with comfortable hand feeling, practical and labor-saving.

8. Press the lock button after the machine starts works the machine will keep working and you do not need to press the safety lock all the time.

9. Flat nozzle has long and narrow high temperature airoutlet port, which is accessible to work surface for removing paint on the large flat surfaces.

10. Bend nozzle can evenly heats the entire work surface, suitable for thawing and heat shrinkage electric cables.



Package Include: battery no plug:

1 * Hot Air Machine (no battery no charger)

3 * Nozzles big battery:

1 * Hot Air Machine

3 * Nozzles

1 * Charger (the plug according to your country)

1 * 3.0Ah Big battery


1.When using the hot-air gun, try to use it in a dry place.

2.When the hot-air gun is used or just after use, do not touch the nozzle to avoid scalding.

3.The handle of the hot air gun must be kept dry, clean and away from oil or gas.

4.After the hot-air gun is used, the air outlet is upward and can be stored only after the air gun is cooled.

5.Do not block or cover the air inlet and outlet of the hot-air gun.


Battery Maintenance And Matters Of Attention
* Don’t charge batteries that have enough electricity!
* Separate isolation in a dry place!
* Make sure that the battery is dry without water!
* The battery and the host body are placed separately. It needs to be charged every 15-30 days without use for a long time!

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1 Battery Set, Only Machines


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Cordless Hot Air Gun-KHAG001

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